Winter Sunrise at the Iceberg Beach near Jokulsarlon

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Winter Sunrise at the Iceberg Beach near Jökulsarlon in Iceland


Fall and winter months are the best season for shooting icebergs at Breidamerkursandur Black Sand Beach near the famous Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland. At this time of the year chances are good for a colorful dawn as background and you will see the sun rising over the ocean, making the blueish iceberg shimmer beautifully.
Finding icebergs lying scattered on the beach is not an issue usually. They are either on the east or west side of the bridge at the glacier lagoon or on both sides - except on rare occasions when Jökulsárlón´s run-off into the sea gets temporarily blocked by a natural sand dam after a storm. Spotting your favorite "jewel" might be a little bit more tricky though. Not every iceberg is as graceful as this little "Half Moon" shown here. Many of them are several feet in height and it is pretty easy to miss the trees for the forest. ;-)
And do not expect to be the only one out there walking around and looking for the perfect piece of ice. The iceberg beach turned into a very(!) popular spot among photographers over the last years. But for an obvious good reason: Breidamerkursandur is one of the most incredible places in Iceland.

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