Northern Lights

The images shown in this gallery were taken during our short trips to Iceland in late winter and in September. We were quite lucky at Lake Myvatn and Namarskard in Northeast Iceland and had a couple of dazzling and sleepless nights at Snæfellsnes. We also saw wonderful northern lights dancing almost all night long on the South Coast at Vik y Myrdal, the Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon and the nearby Iceberg Beach. Additional to this, we had some smaller aurora displays at the "petrified troll" Hvitserkur and at Stokksnes near Höfn. You will find more information and a lot of tips about photographing this amazing natural phenomenon in our two  updates Northern Lights in Iceland (the forecast reliability, best forecast tools, etc.) and "Shooting Aurora Borealis in Iceland" (how our eyes see them, the moonlight, etc.). And we also published another report dealing with the "Best Places for Northern Lights Photography in Iceland".

Lake Myvatn Aurora
Northern Lights at Hverarönd
Dancing northern lights
Aurora Reflection
Aurora Iceberg Beach
Grænavatn - Green Lake
Aurora Dancer
Jökulsarlon strong aurora
Iceberg Aurora
Aurora Church
Dancing Lights
Cascades under the Aurora Light
Jökulsarlon Aurora Reflection
Green Lights over Arch Rock
Green Aurora
Aurora display at the Snaefellsnes lighthouse