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Tajinastes rojos in Tenerife

 29-May-2023 | Category:

Tajinastes Rojos in Tenerife

The amazing Tajinastes Rojos in Tenerife 

We just came back from a wonderful 11-day trip to Tenerife. It was our first time on this Canary Island. During wintertime it is a popular tourist destination for people from the UK and Germany. We preferred heading there off-season between two public holidays [...]

Tajinaste Azul in Gran Canaria

 03-Apr-2023 | Category:

Tajinastes Azul in Gran Canaria

The endemic Tajinastes Azul in full bloom 

Last month we spent another wonderful week on the Canary Islands. This time we focussed on photographing wildflowers in the mountainous areas of Gran Canaria. By mid March the higher elevations and the slopes facing north and northeast (that's from where [...]

Wildflowers at Death Valley

 01-Mar-2023 | Category:

Wildflowers at Death Valley

Blooming Wildflowers at Death Valley 

Sweet fragances, sweet memories. This month's image is dedicated to a very intense time we had at Death Valley National Park back in February/March 2016. Purple desert sand verbena (abronia villosa) were blooming at the remote Ibex [...]

The blowhole Bufadero de la Garita

 01-Jan-2023 | Category:

El Bufadero de la Garita in Gran Canaria


The Bufadero at La Garita in Gran Canaria was already selected as image of the month. Nevertheless it is such a fascinating subject to shoot that we can't help showing another picture from that place. This one [...]

Our United States XXL-Calendar

 10-Dec-2022 | Category:

US Calendar Synnatschke

Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas is just around the corner. In case you are still looking for a last-minute gift: For 2023 we have a calendar featuring our images from the United States (66x50 cm / 26x19,7 inches). It is available online at amazon.de. Hope you enjoy!
Have a wonderful Christmas! And wishing you a [...]

Dancing Aspen Trees

 01-Nov-2022 | Category:

Dancing Aspen Trees in Colorado

Dancing in the sun - curved aspen trees

Here is one more from our recent trip to Colorado. In a small aspen grove near Telluride there are quite a few curved aspen trees. They look particularly beautiful and just like if they were inviting us to join them to dance and celebrate fall season in all its [...]

Leaf-Peeping in the Rocky Mountains

 08-Oct-2022 | Category:

Leaf-Peeping in Colorado

Colorful Colorado - enjoying the vibrant hues of autumn

We love to do "leaf-peeping" and we were really looking forward to this trip. It has been a decade now since our last trip to Colorado during fall season. But the Rocky Mountains are definitely one of the most scenic places during this time of the year. High and [...]

Sunset at the Alien Throne

 30-Sep-2022 | Category:

Alien Throne at the San Juan Badlands

Sky on fire after heavy rains

On our last photo trip, we did a lot of leaf-peeping in the Rocky Mountains, but we also spent some days in the Hanksville area, around Moab and in northern New Mexico. Steffen and I flew in from Frankfurt [...]

Geothermal Areas in Iceland

 01-Aug-2022 | Category:

Geothermal Area in Iceland

Boiling mudpots at sunset

This month's image was taken three years ago in late August, just a couple of hours after we had landed at Keflavik International Airport. Iceland's geothermal areas are incredibly fascinating and rich in color. There are not many clear springs and geysers, but you will hear fumaroles and [...]

Fjallabak in Early Summer

 16-Jul-2022 | Category:

Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Enjoying the serenity

We returned to Iceland in early summer. This year's snowpack at Fjallabak Nature Reserve was above average and the main access routes were still closed when we arrived on the island. On June 22nd, mountain road F208 near [...]