Aspen groves in the distance

 Date: 30-Aug-2023Category:

Aspen groves in the distance

At times all we need is a brief glimpse

With fall season just around the corner it is about time to show you another of our favorite images from last year's trip to Colorado. It's a little bit different than the usual wide panoramic landscape from the Rocky Mountains, also pretty different from the usual vivid fall foliage or the "Colorful Colorado" that we showed here previously. But that's exactly why we liked this composition so much. A serene scene showing some aspen groves in the distance, captured in a brief moment between the clouds and through the fog.

On this particular day in early October 2023 the weather was unsettled and just before being fully engulfed we were able to shoot some images through the patches of fog. As you can seen on this image color change was just underway at the San Juan Mountains. Aspen trees do not change their colors all simutaneously. While some of them are still green, others already show off their golden colors.

We are looking forward to how things will turn out in 2023. For now, the forecasts look very promising due to this year's precipitation well above normal. The increased moisture is supposed to have a big impact, so aspen trees should hopefully display stronger color display and also retaining their leaves later into fall. But who knows, Mother Nature is always like a bucket full of surprises.

Image data:
1/25 s at f/16, ISO 100; Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 105 mm, Canon EOS R5

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