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Maelifell - Island's Magic Mountain

 01-Oct-2019 | Category:

Maelifell in the Icelandic Highlands

Magic is in the air...

There is something magic about this place deep within the Icelandic Highlands. Mount Maelifell rises 200 m/650 ft above the vast black lava sand flats north of the glacier Myrdalsjoekull. This small old volcano covered with vibrant green moss is one of Iceland's [...]

Glacial River in the Icelandic Highlands

 15-Sep-2019 | Category:

Glacial River in the Icelandic Highlands

The Twists and Turns of a Glacial River

In late August/early September we spent 2,5 weeks exploring the remote Icelandic Highlands. The weather was moody and rain ponchos were an essential accessory during our trip, but we absolutely loved all the drama caused by the isolated showers and the [...]

Painted Desert - Colorful Badlands Teepees

 01-Aug-2019 | Category:

Colorful Badlands Teepees

Badlands Teepees at the break of day

In photography nothing beats the first and last light of the day, when the sun is located under the horizon and the surrounding mountains start to glow in an incredibly soft way. True "Alpenglow" is made up of diffuse redirected light and usually originates within the lower [...]

Best time and places to see lupines in Iceland

 01-Jul-2019 | Category:

Lupines in Iceland

Purple Lupines Fields at Skógafoss

The Alaskan Lupine (lupinus nootkatensis) is a non-native species in Iceland. The vibrant blue and purple flowers were introduced during the mid-twentieth century to fight erosion and soil loss caused by deforestation [...]

New gallery - "Best of Slot Canyons"

 09-Jun-2019 | Category:

Rainbow-colored slot canyon

Rainbow-colored Slot Canyon

Steffen and I just released a new gallery, "Best of Slot Canyons" featuring some of our all-time favorite images from the last 15 years in the American Southwest (mainly Arizona and Southern Utah). Hope you enjoy!

This month's image was taken [...]

White Pocket - Reloaded

 15-May-2019 | Category:

Pool at White Pocket

Enjoying White Pocket after a heavy rain

It's been pretty much 14 years since Laurent Martres, Tony Kuyper and my husband Steffen explored the area around White Pocket for the very first time (it's the mountain to the southwest that [...]

Wildflowers in cracked mud

 20-Apr-2019 | Category:

Wildflowers in cracked mud

Floral carpet in the desert

This year we had the perfect timing at the mostly barren desert between Capitol Reef National Park and Hanksville/Utah. A great bloom happens there only every 5 to 10 years. A higher than average precipitation is needed during the winter and early spring months. And usually the wildflower season [...]

Viewing Platform at Horseshoe Bend

 01-Mar-2019 | Category:

Sunset at Horseshoe Bend

Sunset at Horseshoe Bend

Last year the National Park Service started building a viewing platform and installing safety rails at famous Horseshoe Bend, a 270-degree turn of the Colorado River located within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area south of Lake Powell. They did a good job, providing additional safety for all people afraid of [...]

Sedona in Winter

 01-Feb-2019 | Category:

Sedona after a winter storm

Cathedral Rock in Sedona after a winter storm

Just like Alabama Hills (our last month's image) Sedona was one of the highlights during our winter trip 2018/19. As a heavy winter storm was announced for the whole area, we changed our travel plans spontaneously and [...]

Boot Arch at the Alabama Hills

 14-Jan-2019 | Category:

Boot Arch at Alabama Hills

Winter Sunset in the Eastern Sierra Nevada

Steffen and I spent our holidays in the American Southwest. This image was taken on Christmas Eve in the Alabama Hills. It shows Boot Arch (note the little "shoe" in the opening of the arch!) in front of the snow-covered Sierra Nevada. The highest peak in [...]