Acantilados de Loiba - Pena Furada

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Pena Furada at Acantilados de Loiba

The amazing Acantilados de Loiba in Galicia

Here is one more image from the last trip to Northern Spain. This huge sea rock featuring two openings is called "Pena Furada". You will be able to see this arch from the cliffs when standing at the "Mirador de Pena Furada" at the Acantilados de Loiba, but it can only be fully appreciated up close at sea level. The hike down to Pena Furada is not very long, just about 1,2 km one-way (0,8 mi) and a little bit over 100 m (330 ft) in elevation gain/loss. And there is an enjoyable trail that leads down to the neighboring beach "Playa Furada" to the east. But from there on, it is all about finding your way around the headland, scrambling over slippery rocks and navigating through some deeper tide pools. Unfortunately they are full of sea urchins and all those surrounding boulders, usually submerged, are covered by extremely slippery algae. But it was well worth it, as you can (hopefully) see on this month's image.

It was our second time out there. We already visited Pena Furada last year when we spent the time around Christmas in Asturias and Galicia. And we had a truly spectacular sunset by then as well, even better than this time. Nevertheless we were not really happy with our images. The tide was just as low, but the sea was far too rough and the waves were too high to get really close to the water's edge.
And what was even worse: We missed all those green patterns on the rocks! Apart from becoming visible only at very low tide, there is also the time of the year that matters. All this green tend to be most abundant during spring and early summer. As soon as the sun and the heat starts hitting those seaweeds (and all those other intertidal plants and creatures) the colors fade away. And by the end of the year they are completely gone. Not only at this place, practically everywhere along the Spanish coast!

Here is a good tide chart (-> Loiba) to help you plan this trip. Head out there before the lowest tide and be sure to be back in time, so you do not get trapped by the ocean.
And by the way, there is a lot more to see when out there at Acantilados the Loiba. There are additional sea arches and there is the "El banco mas bonito del mundo", the "most beautiful bench in the world". You can't miss it, it is even marked this way on Google Maps. 

Image data: 5 s at f/16, ISO 100, three-stop ND filter, Canon RF 14-35 mm, f4 L IS USM at 18 mm, Canon EOS R5