Sea Arch in Asturias

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Sea Arch in Asturias

All good things come in threes

So here is another one from our very exciting trip to Asturias in late April/early May 2024. It took us several attempts to get this one done, although we noticed the huge potential right on our first visit. During this time of the year, Mother Nature puts on a big show at this place. The sun sets perfectly behind the arch and - with enough moisture in the air - it creates spectacular golden light beams. Due to its two openings it featured two separate rays. And what we found most amazing is that both pointed in different directions. It's probably not hard to imagine how thrilled we felt when we witnessed this for the first time and when we saw how the composition turned out on our camera's LCD screens.

Absolutely breathtaking! But as stated before, we had to spend quite a few sunsets at this location. Whenever the sun is blocked by clouds or by dense sea fog on the horizon, there will be no beams and no show at all. Same happens if the sea is calm and the humidity is low. So there definitely need to be some preceding rain showers or at least some spray from the wave action. But a rough sea is exactly what prevents you from gaining access to this headland just in time and still getting some leftover water for reflections in front of this arch. So that's how we ended up with a tremendous amount of photos from this specific sea arch (there are so many in Asturias!), but just a few ones with some golden beams.

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Image data: 1/5 s at f/16, ISO 100, polarizing and graduated neutral-density filter, Canon RF 14-35 mm, f4 L IS USM at 14 mm, Canon EOS R5