Our books

USA Suedwesten

USA Südwesten mit ganz Kalifornien
by Hans-R. Grundmann & Isabel Synnatschke
ISBN: 978-3896622976
November 2016 (2nd Edition), Reise Know-How Verlag

Travel guide book about the U.S. Southwest in German language featuring all highlights and "must sees" in AZ, NM, Southern Utah, CA and with some quick side trips to the Rocky Mountains in CO, Crater Lake in OR and Big Bend NP in TX

Available at all bookstores across Germany/Austria/Switzerland as well as at

USA der ganze Westen

USA - der ganze Westen
by Hans-R. Grundmann & Isabel Synnatschke
ISBN: 978-3896627421
March 2017 (21th edition), Reise Know-How Verlag

Bestselling travel guide book about the Western U.S. in German language

Available at all bookstores across Germany/Austria/Switzerland as well as at


Kalifornien - Süd und Zentral mit Las Vegas
by Hans-R. Grundmann & Isabel Synnatschke & Markus Hundt
ISBN: 978-3-89662-292-1
January 2016 (2nd edition), Reise Know-How Verlag

Another travel guide book with focus on Southern and Central California as well as the city of Las Vegas.

Available at all bookstores across Germany/Austria/Switzerland as well as at

Wonderland of Rocks

USA Südwest - Wonderland of Rocks
by Isabel & Steffen Synnatschke
ISBN: 978-3-89662-242-6
July 2008, Reise Know-How Verlag

A coffee-table book about some of our favorite places in the Southwest including a lot of remote and lesser known locations.

*** Currently out of print ***

Dumont Bildatlas Spreewald / Lausitz

DuMont Bildatlas Spreewald / Lausitz
Photography by Isabel & Steffen Synnatschke (163 pictures),
text by Oliver Gerhard

ISBN: 3-7701-9276-1
June 2011, DuMont Reiseverlag

Travel and photo magazine about two beautiful regions in Eastern Germany

Our awards

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015

Highly Commended at the category "Other Animals" ("Ocean's Embrace")

Glanzlichter 2013

Glanzlichter Awards 2013

Highlight at the category "Plants" (Survivor; Pine Tree in Lassen Volcanic National Park)

Glanzlichter Awards 2011

Glanzlichter Awards 2011 (I)

Highlight at the category "Coast" (Goldeneye)

Glanzlichter 2011

Glanzlichter Awards 2011 (II)

Highlight at the category "Nature as Art" (Jewels of the Ocean)

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008 from the GDT

Second place at the category "Landscapes" (The Sleeping Bee, Bisti Badlands)

Glanzlichter 2008

Glanzlichter Awards 2008

Highlight at the category "World of Stones" (Entzweit, Coyote Buttes South)


We have several cooperations with advertising & PR agencies, art galleries, interior designers and art directors from all over the world. We offer worldwide shipping and we specialize in Europe and North America. Many of our fine art prints are featured in patient rooms and hallways in renown hospitals in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.

Other publications

  • Image for a campaign of the Swiss Pharmaceuticals Company ROCHE ("Valley View" at Yosemite National Park)
  • Iceland 2018 Calendar (Ackermann Kunstkalender; 5 images)
  • Planet Earth 2018 (66x50 cm Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Canyonlands" image)
  • Wild Coasts 2018 (66x33 cm Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Dyrholey" as cover image and "Playa de Gueirua")
  • Wide World 2018 (66x33 cm Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Font's Point" and "Oeferufoss" image)
  • Stonelines Calendar 2018, Ackermann Kunstkalender ( "Basalt Patterns" image)
  • Photographing the Southwest Vol. 3 - Arizona by Laurent Martrès Graphie Intl; 3nd edition (2017), ISBN: 978-0-916189-26-6 (Horseshoe Bend, Grand Falls of the Little Colorado, Three Sisters, Kofa Mountains, Teddybear Chollas, 2xCoyote Buttes South, Coyote Buttes North, White Pocket)
  • "Kanada Westen" - Hans Grundmann & Bernd Wagner, Reise Know-How Verlag; 17th edition (2017); ISBN: 978-3-89662-744-5 (12 images)
  • Shooting for the German Construction Company "Nagel" (Construction Machines working in Dresden)
  • Multimedia Presentation "Images from Northern Spain" at the International Photography Festival in Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria
  • Cover Dresden Calendar 2017, Schöning Verlag
  • Iceland 2017 Calendar (Ackermann Kunstkalender; 3 images)
  • Nature in Focus 2017 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "El Silencio Stone Patterns" image)
  • Water 2017 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon" image)
  • Stonelines Calendar 2017, Ackermann Kunstkalender ("Spanish Patterns" images)
  • Cover for the "American Archaeology" magazine, Spring 2016 (Vol.20 No.1) from "The Archaeological Conservancy" (Kiva at Pecos National Historical Park)
  • Iceland 2016 Calendar (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Moss-covered Lava Fields" image)
  • Fantastic Landscapes 2016 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Mud Pool in Iceland" image)
  • Elements 2016 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Mud Pool in Iceland" image)
  • Waterfalls 2016 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Winter Sunset at Godafoss" image)
  • Stonelines Calendar 2016, Ackermann Kunstkalender (cover and 2x stone images)
  • High Country News, October 2015, Vol. 47 (aspen tree image)
  • cover for the official Yosemite National Park Wall Calendar 2015, same "Valley View" image also in the Yosemite desk and pocket calendars
  • USA West 2015 Calendar (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Painted Dunes" and "Valley of Fire Scenic Drive")
  • Fantastic Landscapes 2015 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Studhorse Point Hoodoos" in the calendar)
  • Stonelines Calendar 2015, Ackermann Kunstkalender (4x stone images)
  • Magazine "raum&zeit Nr. 191, Oktober 2014" - 4 images for an article about Moqui Marbles
  • "Best of Germany", DuMont Reiseverlag, August 2014 - 4 images of Eastern Germany in this coffee table book
  • Ptačí svět, Journal of the Czech Society for Ornithology, January 2014 (stork image from Cigoc, Croatia)
  • Gardenia, Italian Magazine, December 2013 ("Painted Dunes" image across two pages)
  • DuMont Bildband "Entdecke Deutschland: 100 Touren zu Natur, Kultur und Geschichte", Oktober 2013; several images
  • Marco Polo "Lausitz, Spreewald, Zittauer Gebirge", August 2012; several images
  • Baedeker Reiseführer "Deutschland", Oktober 2013; page 215
  • Baedeker Reiseführer "Deutschland Osten", März 2013; page 371
  • Photographing Washington - by Greg Vaughn (Author), Laurent Martrès (Editor); 1st edition (October 2013), ISBN: 0-916189-19-8 (3 images: Second Beach, Ruby Beach, Panther Creek Falls)
  • image for the promotion campaign 2013 for the Dresdner Eislöwen (German Men's Ice Hockey Team)
  • image in the official Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2013 Programme Brochure
  • CD cover for "Weihnachtsmusik für Klavier 2013" from Roberto Lorenz
  • official Yosemite National Park 2014 Wall Calendar, cover image
  • official Bryce Canyon National Park 2014 Wall Calendar, "sunrise at sunset point" image
  • - Süddeutsche Zeitung, September 2013 (German newspaper), photography gallery "USA im Westen - Glühende Steinwelten" - 9 images from Western U.S.
  • Nature in Focus 2014 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Jewels of the Ocean" image in the calendar)
  • Fantastic Landscapes 2014 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Bowling Ball Beach" on the cover, "Screaming Beast" and "Canyonlands" in the calendar)
  • 4 Elements 2014 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; "Palouse Fields" on the cover and "Screaming Beast" in the calendar)
  • Stonelines 2014 (Ackermann Kunstkalender; 2x stone images in the calendar)
  • Small Dresden Calendar 2014, Schöning Verlag
  • Several Dresden Postcards for the Fine Art Gallery art+form
  • Phantastische Landschaften Calendar 2013, Ackermann Kunstkalender (Mono Lake on the cover, King of Wings and Painted Hills)
  • 4 Elemente Calendar 2013, Ackermann Kunstkalender (Palouse Fields on the cover and De-Na-Zin Wilderness)
  • Stonelines Calendar 2013, Ackermann Kunstkalender (3x stone images)
  • Kalifornien by Hans-R. Grundmann, Reise Know-How Verlag; 1st edition (November 2012); ISBN: 3-89662-223-5 (49 images)
  • 4-seasons, Globetrotter Magazine; Winter 2012 ("Dallas Divide" image)
  • Pictures Magazine 02/2012, "Wild Landscapes", 10-page article about our work and featuring some of our favorite images from the Western U.S. (German Photography Magazine)
  • Jericho by Daniel Kennedy (Kindle-Edition) (cover)
  • Semesterplaner Summer 2012, bonding-studenteninitiative e.V. (cover)
  • - Rheinische Post, November 2011 (German newspaper), "Die Perfektion des Augeblicks"; a report about our work in the Pacific Northwest, "Faszinierende Fotos: der Nordwesten der USA" displaying 18 images from the Pacific Northwest
  • - Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 2011 (German newspaper), photography gallery "Wunderland in der Wüste" - 14 images from the Valley of Fire
  • This Wilderness Society Magazine 2011-2012, full-page image on page 34 "Wilderness at Risk"
  • Phantastische Landschaften (Calendar), Fantastic Landscapes 2012, Ackermann Kunstkalender (Bisti Badlands on the cover and Mono Lake)
  • 4 Elemente, 4 Elements 2012 (Calendar), Ackermann Kunstkalender (Fire Wave on the cover)
  • BILD Zeitung, Wednesday July 6th 2011 "Dresdner Fotografen bringen die Lausitz groß heraus"; a report about us and our new Travel Magazine in a German newspaper (page #3)
  • MORGENPOST, Tuesday July 5th 2011 "Neuer Foto-Atlas: Ehepaar macht die Lausitz bekannt"; a report about us and our new Travel Magazine in a German newspaper (page #12)
  • Schöning Verlag Calendars: "Königliches Dresden 2011", "Königliches Dresden 2012", "Tischkalender Dresden 2012", "Lesezeichen-Kalender Dresden 2012" (several pictures of Dresden)
  • The Art of Photography, Colours & Nature 2012, Alpha-Edition Calendar (Dallas Divide)
  • Book "Glanzlichter 2011", May 2011, ISBN: 978-3-00-034275-2, projekt natur & fotografie (images on page 47 and 104)
  • USA - der ganze Westen by Hans-R. Grundmann, Reise Know-How Verlag; 17th edition (June 2010); ISBN: 978-3-89662-259-4 (Fire Wave on the front cover and 32 pictures in the book)
  • MORGENPOST, Monday December 14th 2009 "Für solche Aufnahmen reisen Dresdner um die Welt"; a report about us and our work in a German newspaper (p. 12, Dresdner Morgenpost; p. 10 Chemnitzer Morgenpost)
  • Stern VIEW MAGAZIN "Die besten Bilder des Jahres", December 2009 (p. 142, The Wave from the Coyote Buttes North)
  • NaturFoto 10/2009, Tecklenborg Verlag, October 2009 (p. 61, Dawn at Dallas Divide; shown also at the exhibition "Die Farben der Pflanzen" at Palmengarten in Frankfurt/Main)
  • Friends of Nevada Wilderness - Wild Nevada 2010 Calendar (2 pictures; February: Mosquito Arch, November: Screaming Beast)
  • Natural History Magazine, June 2009, American Museum of Natural History, New York 2 pics for "Goblins on the March - Utah does the hoodoo very well"
  • USA Südwesten - Natur und Wandern by Heinz Staffelbach & Magda Rüegg, Reise Know-How Verlag; 3th edition (May 2009); ISBN: 978-3-89662-249-5 (Toroweap Point, page 262)
  • - BILD Zeitung, Reise Ressort, January 2009 (German newspaper); report and image gallery "Einmalige Naturwunder in Stein" - 14 pics from our book)
  • - Kurier, Reise Ressort, January 2009 (Austrian newspaper); image gallery "USA Südwest - die steinerne Wunderwelt" - 13 pictures from our book
  • - Süddeutsche Zeitung, Reise Ressort, November 2008 (German newspaper); image gallery "Der Star ist der Stein" - 15 pictures from our book "Wonderland of Rocks"
  • Book, "GDT - Europäischer Naturfotograf des Jahres 2008", October 2008 ISBN: 978-3-939172-41-3, Tecklenborg Verlag (p. 64-65, "Die schlafende Biene", Bisti Badlands)
  • Friends of Nevada Wilderness - Wild Nevada 2009 Calendar (2 pictures: Triangle Arch on the cover & the "Swinging Wings", Hobgoblin´s Playground)
  • Rheinische Post, Wednesday, September 1t0h 2008, Reise & Welt, B7 (German newspaper) "Im Westen was Neues" - a report about us and our book
  • Book "Glanzlichter 2008", May 2008, ISBN: 978-3-00-024053-9, projekt natur & fotografie (p. 98, "Entzweit", Coyote Buttes South)
  • - Süddeutsche Zeitung, Reise Ressort, March 2008 (German newspaper) (Photo gallery - 6 pics from the Coyote Buttes North)
  • - Rheinische Post, Reise Ressort, March 2008 (German newspaper), Interview and photo gallery - 14 pics from the Coyote Buttes, same report also under (Neuß-Grevenbroicher Zeitung)
  • - Reise Ressort, October 2007 (German newspaper), image gallery - 25 pictures from the Coyote Buttes North and South
  • NBC 12 News Arizona Weather Calendar 2008, (Coyote South Buttes - April)
  • Der Seele ungeheure Kluft by Gilbert Belo, Salem Edition, September 2007, ISBN: 3-9805535-9-0 (Antelope Canyon on the front cover)
  • USA - der ganze Westen by Hans-R. Grundmann, Reise Know-How Verlag; 15th edition (April 2007); ISBN: 978-3-89662-232-7 and 16th edition (The Wave on the front cover)
  • Photographing the Southwest Vol. 1 - Southern Utah by Laurent Martrès Graphie Intl; 2nd edition (January 2006), ISBN: 0-916189-12-0 (Little Wild Horse Canyon, Red Cave)
  • Photographing the Southwest Vol. 2 - Arizona by Laurent Martrès Graphie Intl; 2nd edition (July 2006), ISBN: 0-916189-13-9 (Horseshoe Bend, White Pocket & Grand Falls of the Little Colorado in the updated book)