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Green oasis at Maelifellsandur

 26-Aug-2021 | Category:

Green Oasis at Maelifellsandur

Sunset at a Green Oasis on Maelifellsandur

We were back in Iceland in late August, spending most of the time exploring the Highlands ("hálendið" in Icelandic). For a couple of years now, this vast uninhabited volcanic [...]

Lupines in Iceland - an early Summer Night's Dream

 10-Jul-2021 | Category:

Lupines in Iceland

Purple Lupines Fields at Vatnajökull National Park

A magic fairy must have woken me up in the middle of the night on June 30th, 2021. Steffen and I were not really happy when we got ready to bed at the "Potato Storage" (isn't it a funny name for a really cozy room!? ;-) ). We had been scouting the dense lupine fields in full bloom near a [...]

Puffins couple in Iceland

 01-Jun-2021 | Category:

Puffins couple in Iceland

Happily ever after

They are the cutest little birds in Iceland. Each year during springtime, the Atlantic Puffins return to their nesting grounds along the coastline in search of their same old burrows. And after continuously tapping their bills together for a while and reinforcing their bond, the couples start raising a new family in [...]

Yenidze and City Skyline of Dresden

 01-May-2021 | Category:

Dresden Sykline at Night

City skyline towers of Dresden

It's been pretty much exactly ten years now that we took this image from our hometown. Instead of the usual classic city skyline view from the bridge (Carolabrücke) which crosses the river Elbe, we aimed for a rather seldom-seen perspective far away from any tourist attractions. Although, [...]

Wildflowers in the US Southwest

 04-Apr-2021 | Category:

Wildflowers in the US Southwest

Missing the US Southwest...

During the past 25 years there has never been such a long break between two US trips. It was in the late 1990s when Steffen and I started visiting the US, first separately and then as a couple from 2006 onwards. In most years we were there twice, but sometimes up to 3 times. So many [...]

Stormy weather in Iceland

 09-Mar-2021 | Category:

Dyrholaey Arch at sunrise in Iceland


We just updated our "New Work Gallery" with 50 images from our last trip to Iceland in September/October 2020. We felt extremely lucky being able to travel during pandemic times (this island is the perfect place for social [...]

Iceland - Sunrise at Dyrhólaey

 08-Feb-2021 | Category:

Dyrholaey Arch at sunrise in Iceland


This month's image was taken six years ago in late February. Winter sunrise at Dyrhólaey promontory, the southernmost point in mainland Iceland, can be very rewarding. Although Dyrhólaey translates "hill island with a door hole", the 120 m high [...]

Tajinaste Blanco at Gran Canaria

 08-Jan-2021 | Category:

Tajinaste Blanco at Gran Canaria

Endemic Plants of Gran Canaria

Due to their remote location in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwestern coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are home to some pretty unique dragon trees species as well as approximately 700 other endemic [...]

Berserkjahraun at Snaefellsnes

 01-Dec-2020 | Category:

Berserkjahraun at Snaefellsnes

Autumn at Berserkjahraun - Iceland at its best

This month's image was taken during our last photo trip to Iceland. It shows an early winter storm hitting Berserkjahraun, one of the many hidden jewels on Snaefellsnes peninsula. [...]

Photo trip during the Covid-19 pandemic

 02-Nov-2020 | Category:

Northern Lights at Jökulsarlon

A photo trip to Iceland during (challenging) pandemic times

We traveled to Iceland in late summer and we were asked how "bad" the obligatory quarantine was. Well, here is our answer: Not that bad at all! And we were really happy that we were able to spend some wonderful weeks in this [...]