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Fields of Moravia

 09-May-2018 | Category:

Fields of Moravia

Moravian Fields in Spring

The most eastern part of Czech Republic, called Moravia, features some beautiful rolling hills and a patchwork of different agricultural fields. With a telephoto lens and the right angle they appear even steeper than they are. We took this image in early May, when the green was at its most intense and the trees were in [...]

Moss covered lava in Iceland

 04-Apr-2018 | Category:

Moss covered lava in Iceland

The return of life

Steffen and I were back in Iceland this March and we enjoyed some lovely winter days - mostly sunny and calm (we escaped the violent storms that hit the South Coast by staying a couple of days in the country's northern parts). Unfortunately, the nights were also rather calm. We hoped for more crazy [...]

Lower Antelope Canyon - no more tripods allowed!

 01-Mar-2018 | Category:

Glowing Rabbit at Lower Antelope Canyon

The "Glowing Rabbit" at Lower Antelope Canyon

Missing the good old days! Dramatic changes took place at Lower Antelope Canyon on Navajo Indian Reservation, at least for photographers... No photography tours are offered anymore, all tripods were banned (until further notice... -> forever [...]

Stone Patterns at Playa del Silencio

 01-Feb-2018 | Category:

Stone Patterns at Playa del Silencio

"Layers of Time" at Playa del Silencio

The coast along the Bay of Biscaya in Northern Spain is like a bucket full of surprises. Especially for those who like to explore solitary beaches and cliffs, still not affected by the international mass tourism. There aren't just incredible arches (as at Playa de [...]

Bufones of Asturias

 08-Jan-2018 | Category:

Bufones de Asturias

"Bufones", the fantastic blowholes at the Spanish Coast

The cliffs and beaches of eastern Asturias near the border to Cantabria offer some of the most spectacular coastal sceneries in Spain. This is where the immense karst system of the "Picos de Europa" meets the ocean and where the limestone beds - largely composed of soluble [...]

Small Chapel in Dresden

 01-Dec-2017 | Category:

Small Chappel in Dresden


During Christmas and holiday season we always like to share images taken in our hometown Dresden such as the Frauenkirche (Christmas in Dresden) or from its surroundings e.g. the natural wonders of " [...]

Autumn in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

 01-Nov-2017 | Category:

Elbe Sandstone Mountains

The Splendor of Autumn

With the beginning of the fall season in late September the nights at the Elbe Sandstone Mountains slowly start getting longer and colder. When sunlight wanes, low temperatures find their way into the canyons and paint the forests with fire. The sandstone spires definitely look great year-round, but [...]

Heart Spring at Yellowstone National Park

 01-Oct-2017 | Category:

Heart Spring at Yellowstone National Park


This month's image was taken in August 2017 during our summer trip to the U.S. and Canada. It displays "Heart Spring" located on Geyser Hill in the Upper Geyser Basin at Yellowstone National Park. This geothermal pool was named for its heart-like shaped sinter edge. Usually it is [...]

(The Great American) Total Solar Eclipse

 05-Sep-2017 | Category:

Diamond Ring during the Third Contact at the Total Solar Eclipse in Oregon 2017

THE DIAMOND RING - during the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in August 2017

Steffen and I just returned from another trip to North America. Usually we avoid traveling to the United States during the hot and busy [...]

Hvitserkur - The petrified troll in Northern Iceland

 01-Aug-2017 | Category:

Hvitserkur in Iceland

This month's image shows one of the most unusual sea arches in Iceland. Hv√≠tserkur (translates "white shirt") is a 15 m high basalt monolith with two openings on Vatnsnes Peninsula in Northwest Iceland. The legend says Hvitserkur was an evil troll who turned to [...]