Dancing Aspen Trees in Colorado

Dancing in the sun - curved aspen trees

Here is one more from our recent trip to Colorado. In a small aspen grove near Telluride there are quite a few curved aspen trees. They look particularly beautiful and just like if they were inviting us to join them to dance and celebrate fall season in all its splendour. But at first, when we arrived at this place, we were a little bit disappointed. And surprised by the amount of photographers standing there all in a row and all of them quite far away from these trees. Most of them were in fact shooting the commonly seen images from this place. That was definitely not what we had in mind. Since we had no other option, we also did the "classic" image from the curved aspens. But then we waited, waited... and waited... And after quite a long time, all of a sudden we found ourselves all alone there. All the other people were gone, and so was the light. But the sun eventually found its way back through the clouds and that's when we started taking really a lot of photographs - and among them this one shown here as image of the month. 
Soon we will publish all of our images from this trip. Since we focussed on the fall colors this time, most of the images can be found in our Colorado Gallery: fall foliage images from Colorado.
Thanks for your interest. Hope you enjoy!

Image data: 1/200 s at f/16, ISO 400; Canon RF 14-35 mm, f4 L IS USM at 14 mm, Canon EOS R5