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Sunset at the Alien Throne

 30-Sep-2022 | Category:

Alien Throne at the San Juan Badlands

Sky on fire after heavy rains

On our last photo trip, we did a lot of leaf-peeping in the Rocky Mountains, but we also spent some days in the Hanksville area, around Moab and in northern New Mexico. Steffen and I flew in from Frankfurt [...]

Geothermal Areas in Iceland

 01-Aug-2022 | Category:

Geothermal Area in Iceland

Boiling mudpots at sunset

This month's image was taken three years ago in late August, just a couple of hours after we had landed at Keflavik International Airport. Iceland's geothermal areas are incredibly fascinating and rich in color. There are not many clear springs and geysers, but you will hear fumaroles and [...]

Fjallabak in Early Summer

 16-Jul-2022 | Category:

Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Enjoying the serenity

We returned to Iceland in early summer. This year's snowpack at Fjallabak Nature Reserve was above average and the main access routes were still closed when we arrived on the island. On June 22nd, mountain road F208 near [...]

Lupines at Stokksnes

 01-Jun-2022 | Category:

Lupines at Stokksnes

Blooming Lupines at Stokksnes

This month's image was taken last year by the end of June. As you may notice, the lupine flowers were not in their full peak by then yet. Unusual cool weather in spring have resulted in a somewhat delayed bloom along Iceland's south and east coast. The lupines here at Stokksnes as well as the ones at [...]

Alstrom Point - Dramatic changes at Lake Powell

 01-May-2022 | Category:

Sunset at Alstrom Point

Sunset at Alstrom Point 

This month's image was taken in spring 2019. Due to an ongoing extreme drought the water level of Lake Powell was already low by then. But things changed for the worse. Currently in May 2022, there would be hardly any water visible anymore in this type of image taken at Alstrom Point. Most marinas and [...]

Northern Lights Corona

 01-Apr-2022 | Category:

Northern Lights Corona


Whenever the Aurora Borealis lights up the night and starts dancing across the sky, it is not easy to stay focused on photography. It gets even worse as soon as the green bow moves towards the "highest point" on the celestial sphere and then - all of a sudden - bursts. You really feel immobilized seeing [...]

Aurora at Dimmuborgir

 14-Mar-2022 | Category:

Aurora at Dimmuborgir


We spent the days around the turn of the year in Iceland and we were gifted with a nice northern lights show at Kirkjufell on Christmas Eve. But on most other nights the overcast skies and the severe gales were a bit of a challenge. The sun goes through an 11-year cycle and currently it is [...]

Coyote Buttes: Major changes at the Wave Permits Lottery

 01-Feb-2022 | Category:

Evening Light on the Second Wave at the Coyote Buttes Permit Area

Soft evening light on the Second Wave

Some major changes at the Wave permits application are planned for next month. As of June 2020, up to 64 people or 16 groups (whichever comes first) are allowed into the Coyote Buttes North Area on a [...]

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

 24-Dec-2021 | Category:

Cyclops Arch at the Alabama Hills


This month's image was taken three years ago. It shows Cyclops Arch, one of the largest natural arches at the Alabama Hills right at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.
We stayed at Lone Pine that night and we wondered why Santa Claus forgot to fill our [...]

Gran Canaria - El Bufadero de la Garita

 25-Nov-2021 | Category:

El Bufadero de la Garita on Gran Canaria

The ocean's heartbeat

There is one place at Gran Canaria where you can feel the ocean's heartbeat: El Bufadero on the coast at the town of La Garita. It consists of two large bowls carved out of the basalt shoreline which are regularly filled by the waves rolling in from underneath [...]