April 2017

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Northern Lights Gallery - Updated!

 15-Apr-2017 | Category:

Northern Lights in Iceland

Last month Steffen and I took quite a lot of images, but mainly at night. Colorful Northern Lights danced beautifully across the skies and the snow-covered Icelandic landscape provided the perfectly setting for these incredible shows.
While the other Iceland galleries are still under "severe construction", we updated one of our all [...]

Stokksnes - Aurora over Vestrahorn Mountains

 01-Apr-2017 | Category:

Stokksnes - Aurora over Vestrahorn Mountains

Two Aurora Arcs over Vestrahorn Mountains in East Iceland

This month's image was taken at Stokksnes on March 9th, 2017, right after sunset during the "blue hour" and with a predicted and real Kp-index of only 2,33. Vestrahorn are probably the most photographed mountains in Iceland (besides [...]