The face within Kvernufoss

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From behind the water curtain

We took this image last year in early October. It shows Kvernufoss, the "little brother" of nearby Skógafoss. Kvernufoss is a stunning waterfall dropping 30 m into a narrow canyon. Its main attraction is the path running into a deep alcove behind the curtain of water with an impressive view. Since you will be looking south, it is not a place for shooting summer sunsets like at famous Seljalandsfoss, but from a certain angle you can't help noticing the canyon walls' framing. The sky has the shape of a human face with the neck emerging from its southern end and the nose pointing towards east - resembling a head with long white hair.
Kvernufoss used to be a somewhat hidden jewel up until recently. Nowadays it is more frequented and hard to miss when you know of its existence. It is located "just around the corner" from Skógafoss. Leave your car at Skógar Museum (Skógasafn) at the far end of their parking lot right next to a storage warehouse (63.52534, -19.49095), then climb the small ladder over a fence and head east until you reach a small river. Instead of crossing it, turn left there and follow the narrow path up to the waterfall (GPS: 63.52900, -19.48020).  It is very easy to reach and more of a "stroll" than a "hike" (only 1,5 km out-and-back).
Don't forget to bring along your widest angle lens. Shooting vertical images at Kvernufoss require at least 16 mm and for landscape formats we recommend using a 12 mm (that's how we shot this image of Kvernufoss). Wearing rain gear is also strongly adviced if you do not want to get soaked! ;-)
Take extra care, the path can be very slippery. And please refrain from walking into the alcove during wintertime due to the risk of falling icicles.

Image data: 4 images exposure blended; Canon 16-35 mm 1:2.8 L II USM at 16 mm, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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