Light Beam in a Cave, Spain

Light Beam in a Cave

This month's image is part of our "Favorite images of 2016" that we published on our Blog:

It shows a light beam in a cave-like formation in the woods on a foggy day in Northern Spain.
We were feeling rather unhappy because the Spanish "Costa Verde" seemed to be covered by dense fog forever. Even locals had never witnessed conditions like that prevailing for days, at least that's what they told us... ;-)
We had to skip most part of this (wonderful) coast and started to search desperately for any other type of composition. But what we found in the woods, just by chance, exceeded all our expectations. Lovely cascades and for a short (very short moment...) the sun came out and created an incredible beam falling right through a small arch into this fabulous green cave. Hard to describe the euphoria we felt while shooting this image!

Image data: 1 s at f/14, ISO 100; Canon EF 24-105 mm at 90 mm, Metabones-Adapter MB_EF-E-BT4, Sony Alpha 7R II