Maelifell - an iconic landmark

 Date: 13-Sep-2021 Category:

Mount Maelifell

A place from another world

Last month's image was dedicated to a secluded green oasis at the edge of Maelifellsandur, this month we would like to share with you another image we took in early September during our last photography trip to Iceland. It shows Maelifell, an iconic landmark and one of our favorite places in the Highlands. This cone-shaped mountain all covered in moss is surrounded by the sandy flats of Maelifellsandur and the immense glacier Mýrdalsjökull. The contrast between the vibrant green of the cushion moss, the pitch-black sand, the white ice and the blue in the sky is surreal.
The name of this mountain translates to "Measure Hill" (=Mælifell) due to its importance in the early days for navigation. "Wizard's hat" would have been a more appropriate name in our opinion as we already mentioned in our blog "Maelifell, Iceland's magic mountain".
It is definitely something from another world and a fascinating sight either from the air or from the ground when driving along mountain road F210 (Fjallabaksleið syðri).

Image data: 1/125 s at f/14, ISO 800; Canon 24-105 mm, 1:4 L IS USM at 40 mm, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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