New images from Gran Canaria

 Date: 26-Nov-2018 Category:

Gran Canaria

Sunset at Gran Canaria

This month's images is from our 1,5-week-trip to the Canary Islands in mid November. Besides the incredible (unnamed) arch in the foreground it shows famous Roque Nublo at Gran Canaria as well as Pico del Teide in the far distance. This active volcano isn't just the highest peak of the neighboring island Tenerife, but also the highest mountain of all Spain (3.718 m).

While on Gran Canaria, we didn't just enjoy the warm and sunny weather. Steffen and I were surprised by the beauty of this little island and we took way more photographs than expected. In our new gallery you can see some more images from Gran Canaria. The island's interior is made up of deep canyons - some of them rather greenish and full of dragon trees and palm trees, while others featured cactus and reminded us of the U.S. Southwest. And high up in the mountains (reaching heights up to 1.949 m) there were incredible arches, impressive buttes and of course breathtaking vistas, especially near Roque Nublo, which was aptly named "rock with clouds/fog". Sea fog was our constant companion there. Sometimes this landmark emerged from the fog just like on this month's image, while on other evenings it was well hidden or just visible from below.


Image data: 6 s at f/14, ISO 640; Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS I USM at 130 mm, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV