Playa de Gueirua, Asturias, Spain

Dawn at PLAYA DE GUEIRUA in Asturias, Northern Spain

This month's image shows the rugged coast at Playa de Gueirúa, sometimes also spelled "Gairúa", near the town of Cudillero in Asturias. It is a great place for photographers and full of curious geologic formations: banded rocks, boulders and pebbles with boudinages of quartzite and shale on a smaller scale, up to some toothlike islets in the middle of the beach, which are partly submerged during high tide. And if you are are lucky, there is a small waterfall running down to the beach and some vibrant green moss covering the surrounding rocks (in spring!).

We have been to the wild and spectacular Playa de Gueirúa twice up to now and each time we faced some crazy, rather "icelandic" weather conditions. Just for a (very) few minutes before sunrise the clouds above the steep cliffs catched fire. And soon after that it was time again to put on a poncho (and have a wonderful breakfast... ;-) ...).

Image data: 5 s at f/16, ISO 100; Canon EF 16-35mm 1:4 L II USM at 35 mm, Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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