New Site Launched

 Date: 07-Feb-2012 Category:

Welcome to our brand-new website, totally reworked and with a new design! During the last two months we uploaded more than 1.400 images, among them our personal favorites portfolio and our New Work Fall 2011 from the last trip to the Pacific Northwest.

We tried to make the navigation as easy as possible with a new slideshow option, a lot of tags and of course a search function. You might either perform a search with just one keyword or with a combination of keywords. If you want two of them to be included in the images, then simply write both keywords at once in the search field (e.g. "sunset reflection" but without quotation marks) and then press enter or click the search button. This will get you to all images that have the tags "sunset" and "reflection". To clear the search just press the yellow circle right next to the search field.

From now on we will be uploading images to this website on a regular basis. Please feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed if you want to stay up to date. We also added a couple of social media icons at the bottom of each page; just let us know if you miss anything.

Please take your time to browse through our new website. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!

Isa & Steffen