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Berserkjahraun at Snaefellsnes

 01-Dec-2020 | Category:

Berserkjahraun at Snaefellsnes

Autumn at Berserkjahraun - Iceland at its best

This month's image was taken during our last photo trip to Iceland. It shows an early winter storm hitting Berserkjahraun, one of the many hidden jewels on Snaefellsnes peninsula. [...]

Photo trip during the Covid-19 pandemic

 02-Nov-2020 | Category:

Northern Lights at Jökulsarlon

A photo trip to Iceland during (challenging) pandemic times

We traveled to Iceland in late summer and we were asked how "bad" the obligatory quarantine was. Well, here is our answer: Not that bad at all! And we were really happy that we were able to spend some wonderful weeks in this [...]

Best Ice Cave Tour in Iceland

 21-Oct-2020 | Category:

Ice Cave Tour in Iceland


This year's ice cave tour came as a surprise and was definitely one of the highlights of our autumn trip to Iceland. We were not aware at all that the ice cave season had already started. The licensed tour companies at Vatnaj [...]

Finding the King of Wings

 01-Oct-2020 | Category:

King of Wings

Coddiwompling Part II

The story about how we found the "King of Wings" in the vast expanses of the San Juan Basin deserts in Northern New Mexico is quite similar to the one from last month's image. There also was a lot of coddiwompling involved while solving this great puzzle. All started when a friend from [...]


 01-Sep-2020 | Category:

Coddiwompling in the USA

The joy of heading towards unknown destinations

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a new expression, I've never heard before: "coddiwompling"! This funny sounding word describes so perfectly what we have been doing since we started photographing the American Southwest back in the late 1990s. At the turn of the millennium [...]

Axlafoss - Sunset in Iceland

 01-Aug-2020 | Category:

Einhyrningur - Unicorn Mountain in Iceland

When the receding fog gives way to a wonderful sunset

In late August when summer slowly comes to an end in Iceland, fog is still a common issue while visiting the highlands. According to statistics, days with fog are by far more numerous during the summer months than in wintertime or any other [...]

Eurasian Kingfisher

 05-Jul-2020 | Category:

Eurasian Kingfisher

Fishing instructions for beginners

We have been doing quite a lot of birding lately - observing the behaviour of large birds of prey such as eagles, ospreys and red kites, and admiring also a couple of smaller ones. Steffen is especially fond of Eurasian kingfishers (Alcedo atthis), also known as "common kingfishers". [...]

Sheltered by nature

 01-Jun-2020 | Category:

Great Reed Warbler

Great Reed Warbler celebrating spring

Life has pretty much slowed down during the last couple of weeks/months. Instead of traveling around the world all of us have been stuck at home. Covid-19 lockdown regulations were particularly strict here in Dresden, especially when compared to the rest of Germany. In March all walks or "movements" were [...]

Wildflowers of the American Southwest

 01-May-2020 | Category:

Wildflowers of the American Southwest

Desert Wildflowers blooming in the American Southwest

Last spring we spent quite a few days around Hanksville, shooting badlands and scouting for wildflowers. We found the barren land surrounding Factory Butte, a prominent landmark just a few miles north of Highway 24, partially covered with [...]

Einhyrningur, the Unicorn Mountain

 07-Apr-2020 | Category:

Einhyrningur - Unicorn Mountain in Iceland

Aerial View of Einhyrningur in the Icelandic Highlands

We've made major changes to our "Best of Iceland" gallery and that's why we chose one of the most fascinating mountains in the Icelandic Highlands as "image of the month [...]