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White Pocket - Reloaded

 15-May-2019 | Category:

Pool at White Pocket

Enjoying White Pocket after a heavy rain

It's been pretty much 14 years that Laurent Martres, Tony Kuyper and my husband Steffen explored the area around White Pocket for the very first time (it's the mountain to the southwest that [...]

Wildflowers in cracked mud

 20-Apr-2019 | Category:

Wildflowers in cracked mud

Life in the desert always finds its own miraculous ways

This year we had the perfect timing. Usually the wildflower season does not last long in the southern Utah desert. As soon as temperatures rise and the sun starts hitting hard on the tiny little flowers, they tend to disappear as fast as they poked out of the dry soils [...]

Boot Arch at the Alabama Hills

 14-Jan-2019 | Category:

Boot Arch at Alabama Hills

Winter Sunset in the Eastern Sierra Nevada

Steffen and I spent our holidays in the American Southwest. This image was taken on Christmas Eve in the Alabama Hills. It shows Boot Arch (note the little "shoe" in the opening of the arch!) in front of the snow-covered Sierra Nevada. The highest peak in [...]

New images from Gran Canaria

 26-Nov-2018 | Category:

Gran Canaria

Sunset at Gran Canaria

This month's images is from our 1,5-week-trip to the Canary Islands in mid November. Besides the incredible (unnamed) arch in the foreground it shows famous Roque Nublo at Gran Canaria as well as Pico del Teide in the far distance. This active volcano isn't just the highest peak of the neighboring [...]

Neon Green Moss

 16-Oct-2018 | Category:

Neon Green Moss at the Highlands in Iceland

Neon green moss in the Icelandic Highlands

We know, last month's image was all about neon green moss, nevertheless here is one more of those surreal places well hidden in the Icelandic Highlands that we visited in September [...]

Neon Green Moss in the Icelandic Highlands

 17-Sep-2018 | Category:

Neon Green Moss in the Icelandic Highlands

Pitch black lava and neon green moss

Steffen and I just returned from another trip to Iceland. This time our main focus was set on the Icelandic Highlands. During our first week on the island rainy weather and gale force winds prevailed and deterred us from heading there. But during [...]

Lakagigar Crater Row

 01-Aug-2018 | Category:

Lakagigar Crater Row at Sunrise

Magic Light at Lakakigar

Lakagigar is one of the most fascinating places in the Icelandic Highlands. Mount Laki rises about 200 m above its immediate surroundings. From its top the view extends far east and far west providing a bird eye's perspective of the crater row that once changed the weather patterns on [...]

Midnight Sun in Iceland

 18-Jul-2018 | Category:

Midnight sun at the highlands in Iceland

Magic Light in Early Summer

It's been quite a while since we last enjoyed the midnight sun under the Arctic Circle. So this year we decided to return to Iceland to shoot some of those fantastic everlasting sunsets followed by an endless sunrise. At least that's what we had hoped for. But [...]

Columbia River Gorge - Panther Creek Falls

 06-Jun-2018 | Category:

Panther Creek Falls at Columbia River Gorge

Panther Creek Falls at Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge changed dramatically due to a human-caused wildfire last fall. Eagle Creek Wildfire burned for three months and destroyed large parts of what used to be one of the most beautiful rainforests in the Pacific [...]