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Sea Arch in Asturias

 01-Jun-2024 | Category:

Sea Arch in Asturias

All good things come in threes

So here is another one from our very exciting trip to Asturias in late April/early May 2024. It took us several attempts to get this one done, although we noticed the huge potential right on our first visit. During this time of the year, Mother Nature puts on a big show at this place. The sun sets [...]

Acantilados de Loiba - Pena Furada

 14-May-2024 | Category:

Pena Furada at Acantilados de Loiba

The amazing Acantilados de Loiba in Galicia

Here is one more image from the last trip to Northern Spain. This huge sea rock featuring two openings is called "Pena Furada". You will be able to see this arch from the cliffs when standing at the "Mirador de Pena Furada" [...]

Sea Arches along the Coast in Northern Spain

 30-Apr-2024 | Category:

Sea Arch with Tide Pool in Northern Spain

Colorful sea arches, rocks and tide pools

Well, I guess it's no longer a secret. We fell in love with the rugged coast in Northern Spain. The Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia - each of these places features different highlights. Tilted layers of sedimentary rocks eroded by the [...]

Aspen groves in the distance

 30-Aug-2023 | Category:

Aspen groves in the distance

At times all we need is a brief glimpse

With fall season just around the corner it is about time to show you another of our favorite images from last year's trip to Colorado. It's a little bit different than the usual wide panoramic landscape from the Rocky Mountains, also pretty different from the usual vivid fall [...]

Tajinastes rojos in Tenerife

 29-May-2023 | Category:

Tajinastes Rojos in Tenerife

The amazing Tajinastes Rojos in Tenerife 

We just came back from a wonderful 11-day trip to Tenerife. It was our first time on this Canary Island. During wintertime it is a popular tourist destination for people from the UK and Germany. We preferred heading there off-season between two public holidays [...]

Tajinaste Azul in Gran Canaria

 03-Apr-2023 | Category:

Tajinastes Azul in Gran Canaria

The endemic Tajinastes Azul in full bloom 

Last month we spent another wonderful week on the Canary Islands. This time we focussed on photographing wildflowers in the mountainous areas of Gran Canaria. By mid March the higher elevations and the slopes facing north and northeast (that's from where [...]

Wildflowers at Death Valley

 01-Mar-2023 | Category:

Wildflowers at Death Valley

Blooming Wildflowers at Death Valley 

Sweet fragances, sweet memories. This month's image is dedicated to a very intense time we had at Death Valley National Park back in February/March 2016. Purple desert sand verbena (abronia villosa) were blooming at the remote Ibex [...]

Snow on the Red Rocks in Sedona

 01-Feb-2023 | Category:

Snow at Sedona Red Rock Wilderness

Early morning at the Red Rock Wilderness in Sedona

For us this is one of the most magic contrasts in nature: fresh white snow partly covering the red rocks in the American Southwest. The town of Sedona and its surrounding Red Rocks Wilderness can turn incredibly beautiful during wintertime. But this [...]

The blowhole Bufadero de la Garita

 01-Jan-2023 | Category:

El Bufadero de la Garita in Gran Canaria


The Bufadero at La Garita in Gran Canaria was already selected as image of the month. Nevertheless it is such a fascinating subject to shoot that we can't help showing another picture from that place. This one [...]

Reynisdrangar at Vík í Mýrdal

 31-Dec-2022 | Category:

Reynisdrangar at Vik

Winter sunset at Reynisdrangar

Just like last year we spent again the Christmas holidays in Iceland. It seems like we can't get enough of dark winter days and nights. Yes, it might be true but blame it on the northern lights. ;-)

We had some nice "fireworks" again, the first one as soon as we arrived, just a couple of hours [...]